E85 chip - Porsche 924 S / 944 n/a , 944 S , 944 S2 (83 - 89) View larger

E85 chip - Porsche 924 S / 944 n/a , 944 S , 944 S2 (83 - 89)

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Porsche 924 S / 944 n/a , 944 S , 944 S2 (83 - 89)

Turning chip optimized for the E85 Ethanol fuel.

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 E85 Ethanol tuning chip optimized for E85 fuel (~104 octane).


  • To be albe to run on E85 you need 38% higher flowrate than for Petrol. We offer optimization of both fuelmap mixture as well as advanced ignition for the E85 fuel.
  • Notice - You will need bigger injectors to run on E85. We recommend you to use injectors which is sized as close as possible to stock * 1,38. 
  • The cold start maps is also optimized for E85 Ethanol fuel, so that it starts like normal even when engine is cold. There could be harder to start the engine in very cold climate (-10 C or cooler)
  • An optimized chip makes the torque rise earlier in rpm and the engine becomes more rapid. This is why you cant only focus on peak power output, cause the most important benefits is better drivability and a more rapid engine.
  • E85 Ethanol fuel is more aggressive to fuel pipelines and fuel pump so we recommend you to change them if they are'nt in good condition.
  • Ex ECU nr: 0261200006 , 0261200077 , 0261200078 , 0261200057
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Reference projects:

P944 S2 E85 - dynoed 207 wHp & 284 wNm (Ca 24o hp / 325 nm in engine)https://www.instagram.com/p/B2zC9ZTC7Mz/

P944 n/a E85

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