Performance chip E46 / E39 M52TUB23 & M54TUB28 med M54-insug. (98 - 00) View larger

Special chip E46 / E39 M52TUB23 & M52TUB28 with M54-intake (98 - 00)

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Specialchip M52TUB23 & M52TUB28 with M54-intake (98 - 00) for ex 323i, 328i, 523i, 528i. 

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Special chip M52TUB engine with M54-intake optimized for 95 Octane or 98 Octane fuel.


  • We offer tuningchips remapped for M52 engine with M50-air intake
  • An optimized chip makes the torque higher in the whole register and the engine becomes more rapid.
  • We can offer hard revlimiter instead of the soft revlimiter which is used in stockversion.
  • We have clients who have dynoed up to 234 hp with this remapping and setup.
  • Ex ECU nr: 5WK9037 , 5WK90329 etc
  • Notice - The ECU has to be sent to us for reprogramming. 
  • Notice - To be able to order, you have to fill in the form below and click [SAVE]


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Reference projects:

Z3 2.8 MS42 on E85 with M54B30 intake.

BMW E46 320i with M52TUB28 engine and M54B30 intake on E85.

BMW CUP racecar E36 with M52TUB28 engine and M54B30 intake.

M52TUB28 with M54B30 intake running on E85. BMW CUP Sweden racecar. 234,4 hp & 302 Nm.

BMW Cup part 5 - 2016, E46 323i at Gelleråsen Raceway. Optimized Fekzen software for 98 octane.

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