Information about how we handle GDPR.


We want to announce that we have reviewed our Privacy Policy in accordance with the new Data Protection Law and want to be transparent with how we collect, process and share data.

For us it is important that you feel safe with how we handle your personal information. On May 25th 2018, the current Personal Data Law, PUL, is replaced by the EU Data Protection Regulation GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation. The new regulation means that all persons in the EU have new rights that we must be able to meet as personal data administrators.

You do not need to do anything and your relationship with Fekzen AB does not change, but it is important that you get information about our data protection policy.

The main purpose of the new legislation is to ensure that the personal data of natural persons are handled correctly and that they are not used for anything other than legitimate purposes.

We only use information about you that is needed to facilitate contact between you in connection with our business relationship and in a manner that is related to this kind of business relationship. Typically, we may have information about your name and your contact details, such as your address, e-mail address and phone number. We do not store sensitive personal information unless you expressly admit to your consent. The information is used only to convey services and products to you. We will delete the information about you when it is no longer needed.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions: