Performance chip Volvo V70 / S70 2.4T & T5 (97-98) View larger

Performance chip Volvo V70 / S70 2.4T & T5 - M4.4 (97-98)

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Volvo V70 / S70 2.4T & T5 - M4.4 (97-98)

Tuning Chip optimized for higher boostlevel and power output.

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2 000,00 kr

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Tuning Chip optimized for 95 Octane or 98 Octane fuel.


  • The boost pressure regulation is rised for a higher boostlevel and power takeout. Also fuel and ignition is optimized for the higher boostlevel.

  • An optimized chip makes the torque rise earlier in rpm and the engine becomes more rapid.

  • Soldering is needed when installing this chip. Contact us for more information about installation prices if you need help with installation.
  • Ex ECU nr: 0261204456 , 0261204459 , 0261204765 , 0261204305 , 0261204611 , 0261204612 , 0261204449 , 0261204448
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Reference projects:

Volvo S70 2.5t with T5 turbo and injectors.

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