VW Golf VR6 Turbochip 92 - 98

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VW Golf VR6 Turbo (92 - 98)
Tuning chip for overboost, remapped for a unique engine setup.

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Turbochip with unique settings remapped for the clients setup.


  • Turbochip is a tuning chip with retarded ignition so that the engine will support overboost. Due to bigger injectors is needed to give enough fuel, also fuelmaps is remapped to fit the injectors. With the Turbochip you will be able to boost more and run more safe cause the margins is higher.
  • We recommend you to use injectors which has a maximum size of 630cc and also use a wideband lambda sensor to make sure you have enough fuel to get a good mixture.
  • Notice - You should use an adjustable fuel pressure regulator to be able to make some smaller finetuning by your self, while testdriving.
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